• Bright RED / GREEN LED Display.
  • Piece Counting Function.
  • In Built re-Chargeable Battery Back up.
  • Easy Calibration & Linearity Function .
  • Unit Cinversation.
model capacity accuracy pansize calibration
CWS 302 300g 0.01g Dia 128mm
External Calibration with One Touch Key
CWS 602 600g 0.01g Dia 128mm
CWS 1002 1000g 0.01g Dia 128mm
CWS 1502 1500g 0.01g Dia 128mm
CWS 3KE 3kg 0.1g 160 x160mm
CWS 6KE 6kg 0.1g 160 x160mm
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  • Big LCD DIsplay with Back Light for easy view.
  • IR Sencor  for TARE & CAL Function.
  • Auto Zero Traking Fuction.
  • 4 Units Available  : g, ct, lb, oz
  • Response time within 5 Second.
  • Standard Bi-Directional RS232 Interface.
Model Capacity Accuracy Pansize Calibration
SAB 2202-CL 2200g 0.01g 180x180mm
External Calibration with One Touch Key
SAB 3202-CL 3200g 0.01g 180x180mm
SAB 4202-CL 4200g 0.01g 180x180mm
SAB 5202-CL 5200g 0.01g 180x180mm
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  • Complete automatic time & temperature calibration with GMP-GLP record print-out
  • Brilliant backlit high resolution graphic display with simple navigation windows and menu allows for balance operation easy and quick.
  • User selectable filter, stability indicator and auto zero tracking for use in difficult environments.
  • Procell software allows for direct transfer of weighing results to excel spreadsheet.
  • Weigh-below hook for below-balance weighing applications with in-built density measurements software.
  • With die-cast metal housing and stainless steel pan, the ALN Balance is built to withstand rugged every day.
  • Application : Parts Counting, Animal Weighing, Check- Weighing, Disply Hold, Percent Weighing, Totalizing, SQC Quality Contro, Filling, Density.
  • OPTION : ALIBI Memory
  • Upto 5 Users
  • Upto 100 Products
  • Upto 10000 Weighments
AKA-2200G 2200gm 0.01gm 165x165mm Internal Motorized Calibration Graphical Backlight Display
AKA-3200G 3200gm 0.01gm 165x165mm
AKA-4200G 4200gm 0.01gm 165x165mm
AKA-5200G 5200gm 0.01gm 165x165mm
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