• Five digit, 1.5” (30 mm) LED display.
  • Top lifting ‘i’ and bottom 360 degree Safe rotated hook swivel hook
  • Switch on/off the scale automatically displays the charge voltage of battery.
  • STC scales have various hardware version with stable performance to support the users all of the world
  • Microdiecasing aluminium-magnesium alloy housing with high strength
  • Light self weight and pleasant appearance
  • Multi-functions including Hold, Zero anddivisions convert
  • Promptly unlock the rear casing to change the battery
Model Capacity Readability Pan Size MOC of Pan Display
STC 500k 500kg 100g Battery ABS 0.56″ LED
STC 1T 1T 200g
RF Remote with In-Built Re-Chargeable Battery Back Up
Alluminum Die Cast
1″ LED
STC 2T 2T 500g
1.2″ LED Display
STC 3T 3T 1kg
STC 5T 5T 2kg
STC 10T 10T 5kg
STC 15T 15T 5kg
STC 20T 20T 10kg
M.S. Cast Iron
STC 30T 30T 10kg
STC 50T 50T 20kg
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