• Easily perform the following:- Counting, Net-Gross, M+ & Memory recall, Hold Function
  • Weighing Mode: Litter / gm / Kg.
  • High-resolution 380,000 internal counts
  • Bright LED 0.8” Display with Sign of Unit & Function
  • Optional RS232 Interface for connecting Serial Printer or PC.
  • Customize platform size, design, capacity and functions are available on request!
Model Capacity Readability Pan Size MOC of Pan Display
CWS 60 60kg 5g 400 x 400mm Stainless Steel
CWS 100 100kg 10g 500 x 500mm Stainless Steel
CWS 150 150kg 10g 600 x 600mm Stainless Steel
CWS 200 200kg 20g 600 x 600mm Stainless Steel
CWS 300 300kg 50g 600 x 600mm Stainless Steel
CWS 500 500kg 50g 750 x 750mm M.S.