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  Drum Filling Machine


Drum filling machine are used for fill Bitumen, ink, silicon, coating, paint, lubrication in big drum, such as 150KG, 200L, 170L, etc.
Working condition:
- Normal or explosion proof environment (alternative).
- Components: filling system, weighing system, frame, pneumatic control and control system.
- Material Feeding mode: should be continuous and stable(by pump or hopper).
- Filling mode: Normal type or hoisting-flush type (option).
- Weighing system contains weighing bracket, sensor and weighing platform with non-power roller.
- Pneumatic control system controls fast and slow feeding valves.
- Control system: Intelligent control meter, high precision and stability.
Standard Equipment::

- Meter (SCALETEC)
- Sensor(SCALETEC)
- Pneumatic component(Airtac、SMC or FESTO)
- Buyer supply: Feeding pump or hopper, outlet’s pressure: 3-5kgs, flowing ≥12m³/h
- Man places drums at the bottom of filling head, filling nozzle down (button control) to penetrate the drum otherwise alarm warning) and peel off automatically, judge material (alarm). Start fast and slow filling valves. To set value 1, fast filling stops, to 2, slow filling stops. Lift filling nozzle, move the drum by man and then cap it.

Technical data:

Model DCS-010-SY DCS-050-SY DCS-100-SY DCS-300-SY DCS-1000-SY
Max. weight 10kg 50kg 100kg 300kg 1000kg
Filling range 1-9kg 10-50kg 50-90kg 100-300kg 200-1000kg
Filling precision ±0.2%
Filling speed 180-240d/h 180-240 d/h 100-180 d/h 50-60 d/h 10-30 d/h
Filling temperature 0-180℃
Voltage AC220/380V    50Hz
Air source Flux  0.1m3/min     Pressure  0.4~0.6MPa
Inlet DN50~DN100
Control mode Semiautomatic
Valve material SUS304   (316L)
Frame Surface treatment: plastic spraying
G.W. 200-300kg

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