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  Crane Scale


Crane scales offered by us are ideal for industrial use, reliable and easy to use, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Useful in undertaking various industrial applications, our Crane Scales is appreciated by the clients. Our products are acknowledged for their sturdy construction and durability. With the intent to suit the application specific needs of the clients, we offer our range in various sizes.
- Accurate and stable weighing when swinging.
- Super bright red LED display.
- Cast Aluminium alloyed housing.
- Low battery power & charging indication.
- Specially protected load cells designed to prevent damange or inaccuracy caused by overloading.
- Unlimited overload 200% of the scale capacity.
- Load cells connect to upper ring and botton hook with non-screw safety design to prevent loosen or breakage problems.
- Longest battery life backup of about 70 hours of use.
- Optional remote control available.
- Save weighing records upto 120 times.
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  Anti-heat Wireless Crane Scale

High strength steel enclosure, plesing to the eye.
- Proof to electromagnetic disturbance, applying direct to electromagetic chuck.
- Good dynamic performance.
- Optional thermal transfer and anticorrosive equipment.
- Built in character printer for detailed weighing bill printing.
- AC/DC power supply, table install, 6 digit 0.6" LED.
- Optional units of weight: KG 0r Lb.
Specifications not available. Send us an Inquiry to get the specifications.

Optional data printer for direct Printout.     

High resolution and extra bright displays.     

Stainless Steel test weights in various sizes.