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  Check Weigher System


Automatic checkweighers series SCALETEC are complex weighing solutions providing stable and reliable operation. Depending on version, they guarantee full weighing control of manufactured goods and optionally, with application of metal detector, they can detect metal contamination which may appear in goods.
Control unit is based on Windows Embedded software and SQL database server.
Automatic checkweighers series SCALETEC are dedicated mainly for those customers who expect high reliability and speed of operation. Scales are easily configurable, which makes them appropriate for various applications and customer expectations. Industrial computer which is used in automatic checkweigher SCALETEC is designed to operate in hard industrial conditions, and cooperation with specially prepared Windows platform makes the system stable and allows for holding set parameters. Graphic display provides intuitive operation and has been already appreciated by users.
Automatic checkweighers series DWT/HL/HP are designed for control of single unit goods, which mass does not exceed 7,5kg. Scale software gives possibility of setting the parameters according to customers regulations or according to current regulation on Control of Packaged Goods. Automatic scales series DWT/HL/HP are attested by NIH.
Main applications :  
- Agri-food industry
- Chemical industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Meat industry
- Fish industry
- Tabacco industry

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Optional data printer for direct Printout.     

High resolution and extra bright displays.     

Stainless Steel test weights in various sizes.